Using your current phones

Your current phone systems phones maybe able to work with our system. You will have to configure those phone to the latest firmware and following set-up instructions, so some technical skill is required. This process is only suitable if you know the current provider of your phones and is not suitable for second hand phones purchased online which may have issues due to being locked to a different provider.

The following is a list of currently supported phones. If your phone is not on the list please contact us.

Supported Phones – Desktop and Conference


Yealink T19PYealink T20PYealink T21PYealink T22PYealink T23G
Yealink T23PYealink T26PYealink T27GYealink T27PYealink T28P
Yealink T29GYealink T30Yealink T30PYealink T31Yealink T31P
Yealink T31GYealink T32GYealink T33GYealink T33PYealink T38G
Yealink T40GYealink T40PYealink T41PYealink T41SYealink T41U
Yealink T42GYealink T42SYealink T42UYealink T43UYealink T46G
Yealink T46SYealink T46UYealink T48GYealink T48SYealink T48U
Yealink T49GYealink T52SYealink T53Yealink T53WYealink T54S
Yealink T54WYealink T56Yealink T57WYealink T58Yealink VP59
Yealink CP960Yealink CP920Yealink CP925Yealink CP965


Fanvil X1SFanvil X1SPFanvil X2Fanvil X2PFanvil X3S
Fanvil X3SPFanvil X3GFanvil X3UFanvil X4SFanvil X4G
Fanvil X4UFanvil X5SFanvil X6Fanvil X7Fanvil X7C
Fanvil X210Fanvil X4Fanvil X4GFanvil X5Fanvil X5U


Flyingvoice FIP10/FIP10PFlyingvoice FIP11C/FIP11CPFlyingvoice FIP13GFlyingvoice FIP14GFlyingvoice FIP15G

Supported Phones – Cordless


Yealink W41PYealink W52PYealink W53PYealink W56PYealink W60B
Yealink W60PYealink W80B