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These frequently asked questions are here to help you to get the right answers to your questions or give us a call on 01282 573500

How long does it take to setup and running?

It takes 1-3 business day to get up and running. If you don't order any phones, the system setup can take a single day. The phones take around 2-3 days to be delivered.

Can I use my exisitng phones?

Yes, depending on the make/model of the phones. Please see the phone compatibility list.However please ensure that you are comfortable with upgrading the phone(s) to the latest firmware and perform a factory reset.

Can I transfer my existing phone numbers?

Yes, we can move your existing telephone numbers to our phone system, we manage this port process for you. When the system is set-up, you are provided a temporary number which you can redirect your current telephone number to. We then run the port process in the background, which can take up to a month to come into our control. On port day, there maybe only few minutes of downtime for transferring a single number.

Do I have to pay maintenance?

No, because the telephone system is in the cloud, not your office, there are no additional fees to pay apart from your normal monthly payment. There are no hidden fees or catches.

Can I use my existing Fibre or ADSL Line?

Yes, as long as you have spare capacity, you can run the system on your existing line, but it all depends on the number of calls you make at any one time.

Can I plug my phone in anywhere?

As long as you have an internet connection, you can simply plug your phone in and it will start working immediately, or just run the app. It will work anywhere in the world as long as you have an appropriate high enough speed internet connection, great for those who want to work from a holiday home or who travel a lot!

Can I have different area codes?

Yes, you can pick telephone numbers from different area codes within the UK, it doesn't have to be the area code of the place you are based.

Are there any charges to move my number away?

If you decide at any point to leave, you can port your number away for free and without hassle. We pride ourselves on having no hidden fees or terms.