Hosted PBX Advantages

Choosing between having a Hosted PBX or On Premise, both have their advantages and disadvantages. This article focuses on some advantages of using a hosted pbx for your business.

Cost Savings

Depending on the size of your company and needs, cost plays a big factor in anything nowadays, especially the cost of a PBX system.  Traditionally you would first, have had to find a room in your premises to host the server or servers that would act as the phone system. Then there was a question of how many servers you would need and the cost for them, along with getting someone to install and configure them. With a Hosted PBX you don’t need to worry about any of that. The hosting company will take care of that.

Another cost that can prove to be expensive is the annual cost of maintenance of a premise based system. You have to factor in the cost of having someone to update and maintain the system, if you do not have anyone in house to do that. With a hosted system, the cost is usually built into the monthly cost. No yearly costs for an external company to look after your system, that go up every year.

Most hosted pbx systems allow you to use mobile or pc apps or even a web browser interface. This means that you can reduce or even eliminate the cost associated with having physical handsets. For a startup company, the costs of handsets can mount up very quickly, so just being able to use an app is very appealing.

If you are a company that is growing, and are looking to move to bigger offices, having a hosted PBX system, simply means you just take everything with you, and as long as you have internet access, nothing needs to be done to the phone system. With traditional systems you would have had to make sure that there was enough room for your phone system in the new premises, then arrange for the system to be moved, another big cost.

Access to Phone System

A hosted pbx, is available 24 hours a day, where ever you are, as long as you have internet access. So if you cannot get to the office, due to extreme weather or whatever the reason, as long as you have internet access where you are, and have the app installed, you can receive and make calls as though you were in the office. 

Another advantage of using an app, is that you can make calls from anywhere and they will appear to come from the office phone, which is great when you are travelling abroad on business.

So what happens when the internet goes down in the office? That’s simple – if you have the app installed on your mobile, then it will use the 4G/5G (mobile data) service to connect to your phone system, and continues to work as normal.


A hosted pbx has a lot of features that can benefit your business. Features liked Auto Attendant, IVR, conference calls, voicemail, custom greetings, call recording can all be part of the hosted solution. If you are a small startup business that wants to promote a professional image, having an auto attendant or IVR can help with this.


It is very easy to expand a hosted phone system as your business expands, whether you have people working in the office or working from home. You don’t even need to purchase additional handsets – just use the apps.

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